scrollboxes borderless behavior. border/regular scrollbox. uneven borders. retro♥♥♥. dashed border. rounded double edges. colored bg. baeyhkun lace border. with buttons. skewed scrollbox. scrollbox with mark. scrollbox with img/gif as bg. jichuwee scrollable boxes. img hover to reveal scrollbox. 7.css.borders (image/container) baeyhkun border. double border. fog♥. pulse. rainbow. star mask♥. heart mask (teaclub) ♥. yellow+pink heart. hover zoom+grayscale♥. pink lace border. fog2. pop container. black frame. golden frame (cr nbsaki). different colored two lines (doesn't work on images). cloud border (light). cloud border (dark). naked frame (cr superjake45). twinkle jump bouncing heart. floating image. image pop in-out. grayscale hover. img shake. saturate hover. img shadow. blurry circle img. flower border. beaded hearts border. biscuit border. chocolate border. cute blue lace border. doily border.misc fun fact button♥. draggable box♥♥♥. sound effect upon click (teaclub)♥. tv overlay. custom selection. no scrollbar. disable left click + alert♥. the carrd's menu. webneko. cbox. alert message. peeping body♥. gifypet. website counter. heart trail. tinkerbell♥. bubbles. name that color. color chart. palette generator. slide on hover. tabs menu. dropdown menu. simple slide-up. heart menu (cr @solielios). sectioned hover (cr @solielios). horizontal scroll. windows titlebar. draggable elements. flipping img animation (cr jake). image trail. image clicksplosion. paper mask. different background in diff. section. rubber band image animation. jerky tilt image animation (cr allison). spin animation. elastic hover animation. bouncy animation (cr superjake45). on-load animations. hashimoto crd codes (cr ciarispop + itzhuo). buttons (cr itzhuo). image with tooltip. outset. inset. img color picker. coolsymbol. remove bg. falling objects generator. ezgif. 98.css. typing website name. heart clicksplosion. wipe link. coolsymbol. softies. colorhunt. imood. qt-emoticons. cupcakeipsum. image splitter. pro tutorials twitter event. responsinator. punycoder. this cool chatbox♥♥♥. menu. menu. blur y expand menu. yui crd (cr ciarispop). mark crd (cr nene). flipbook. flip menu. scorpion crd code. default blur menu. blur rotate menu. element appear on hover (cr ciarispop). on hover bouncing image infinite. lippies crd (cr itzhuo). additional content upon hover (cr itzhuo). music note cursor. falling sakura leaves. floating hearts bg. custom image fall. quackit. phone.templates ♡彡 jump (cr abracitos +crditem). yeppi crd (cr zhacyu). glow crd (cr enbjjk). onion crd (cr enbjjk).
boba crd (cr enbjjk). outro crd (cr enbjjk). elegant crd (cr enbjjk). yamazaki crd (cr faicrds). strawberries crd (cr carrdmestre). (cr coracrd). (cr coracrd). huggy crd (cr coracrd). 윈터 (cr coracrd). sayu crd (cr coracrd). heart blur crd (cr coracrd). expand scrollbox crd (cr coracrd + abracitos). mark crd (cr coracrd + nene). miuccia (cr jellymask). omelet (cr omelet). jungkooker (cr omelet). seulgi (cr nomskoo).
music players marquee music player. minimalist with pixel. circular spin player. draggable. hover text to play music. cd music player (cr girisgoblog). cr ramdons. simple circle. vinyl. circle pop. lippies uwu ai (cr itzhuo). glenthemes. corazon uwu ai. img music player. speaker music player. music player of powy. this thing♥. spin icon. simple. slideup. kite/diamond. slide-in. minimalist no pixel. gradient.

info hello i'm sirius!!! i use she/he pronouns as well as neos. i truly do hope this carrd is of use to anyone!! if you must consult me my twitter is @clefcolors! and please consider commissioning me! thank you!

here are some of the carrds i made ... feel free to use them for inspo or whatever since i likely won't use them anymore. most of them i can help with remaking.
if you remake, please add 'ib hauntedmansions', unless the layout is extremely basic ...

personal bookmarks
this is stuff i use or like. thank you. italics are music resources
cutekaomoji oc generators 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 imood softies petpet sky shard tracker beepbox sky music cookie clicker cellbit cool website lists 1 ... theuselessweb twitter thread with roblox horror games deadmeat warrior cats audiobooks my pinterest 700+ pin outfit board cutecore pinterest boards (may contain gore) 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 stuff for my bullet journal 1 2 3

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01/02/2023 comes to life
03/01/2023 happy new year! slight changes. hauntedmansion is coming back~~.
18/08/2022 added bloominglantanas (my graphics crd) to graphics, general . layout change
06/07/2022 added to graphics
30/06/2022 added a bit of everything
02/06/2022 updated owner+home section
25/05/2022 added a bit of everything. god am I tired
(graphics, stamps, hauntedmansion themed graphics such as blinkies, scrollbox codes, border codes, hover codes, misc codes, templates, music codes, carrds, updated owner section, updated tips)
16/05/2022 updated resources, added more graphics
12/05/2022 it's..ur boy... adding pixels and carrds
09/05/2022 added to carrds, added punctuation. planning on adding pixels
28/04/2022 edgar told me the font was unreadable so lets hope its a bit readabler...?????? anyway, added more resources.
20/04/2022 changed custom selection
19/04/2022 thank you for 3000! changed the layout to celebrate, updated... well, everything!
09/04/2022 added my own templates! check codes.
08/04/2022 added 2 new carrds to the portfolio as well as another addition to the carrd section
7/4/2022 added another carrd to the carrd section! everyone say hi to mist
03/04/2022 thank you for 2000! changed the layout to celebrate, as well as updated the admin section
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01/04/2022 added another template. added more resources but it didnt save so il do that tmrw
27/03/2022 changed the layout again
25/03/2022 added many new pixels!
24/03/2022 changed scrollboxes! please tell me if you like this new design :]
22/03/2022 changed layout! will likely change scrollboxes next, including fonts
17/03/2022 added rentry version to menu
13/03/2022 added different clicksplosion! also considering renewing the theme...? and changing the colors... making it prettier. considering a dark blue-dark purple-green kinda palette...??
12/03/2022 portfolio is finished! also, yesterday we hit 1k visitors... i thank you most!
added more:
-imgs (backgrounds, 'other')
-codes (misc)
-carrds (9)
06/03/2022 added more tips, graphics, carrds.
planning to perhaps add more? likely pixels
preparing to add a portfolio
21/02/2022 i fucked up the coding already
nvm fixed
also added templates, music, etc
20/02/2022 comes to life
changed url to hauntedmansion for convenience